Friday, August 2, 2013

Random Thoughts #1

Salve! It's August and here comes a picture of me before I go to sleep and I'm not wearing my contact lenses! Well, sometimes when I'm free I'll just click my previous posts in blog. Look back all the memories, I smile and I feel so comforting. Especially those posts I wrote about him, about us, about our love. Those are wonderful memories, although everything is change now. I don't feel sad, I know I have to accept the fact, the reality. So I just smile, be happy, no more tears, no more sadness. It's time to become more mature, no more childish thoughts. :)

If you are the right person, no matter what will happen, no matter how many times we broke up. One day, we will still be together. I believe God will arrange the right person for us. Heart broken is just one of the way God save us from the wrong person.God said, be patient, one day I'll meet my Mr. Right. But the first thing I have to do now is focus on my study or work, no more childish thoughts and no more evil minds. Be good, Iris. :)

 Experience is the mother of wisdom, I think I'm growing up a little bit more now. 21++ years old? Lol.

Buonanotte! xoxo

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