Sunday, July 21, 2013


Okay, so this is what happen when my brain went wrong last weekend. Some people said that, if a girl wants to forget about something *especially LOVE thingy, she'll do anything just to forget about it and one of the way is cut the hair! Well, I did it before. I cut my long hair after few months I broke with my ex. I'm still remember I was Senior 1 at that time and I maintained my short hair around 4 years. Now, it's getting longer again.

Girls being girls. When girls have a short hair/fringe, they wish their hair can grow faster and longer. And when they have a long hair/fringe, they wish to cut it short. Boys never understand why. Lol.

I think you guys all knew that I had a quite long fringe before I cut it. You may ask me why I want to cut my fringe. Well, seriously the truth is I really want to forget about something but I think I'm still a coward since I can't just told the hair stylist to cut my hair short. So, I chose to cut my fringe. My lovelies said I looked so sweet after I cut my fringe. Lol. Thanks anyway.

It's a short post for today since I have nothing to share about but still stay tuned for the next post. :)

Au revoir!