Sunday, May 12, 2013

Job Interview #1

Hi people. The same greeting to all of you every time I come back to here.
Today is going to talk about my interview experience.
I think nowadays, almost 90's have their own job experiences.
This is my second job and I think it will be great!
(Actually is an internship programme)

Two and a half years, duration of my Diploma course.
Finally, it comes to an end soon.
Internship programme is going on now.
I'm going to stay in an office for three months and after that I have to prepare for my presentation.

The day I went to interview, 25.04.2013 Thursday.
It became a good experience in my life.
The very first formal interview. :)
I was kinda nervous that morning.

I wore a pink dress and a grey jacket.
I heard that pink color can give people a very good impression.
Well, I think my pink dress did it. :)

Still remember that, I went into the conference room and sit down waited for the interviewer.
A friendly staff came in and gave me an employment application form to fill in.
I filled it and the interviewer was coming in at the same time.

Interview started!
Q&A section.

First question: Please introduce yourself.

One of the best question ever.
I think it should also be one of the difficult question.
How I answer this question?
Actually I was too nervous and I don't remember what did I say.
I just knew that I said I want to gain more experience at here and I'll continue my study next year.
Luckily, the interviewer didn't say anything.

Second question: Talk about your family.
Well, I never think that the interviewer will ask me about this.
My family, my parents and me. That's all.
I'm the only one, so it doesn't have anything else to say about this.
I think the interviewer realized it.
So, the Q&A section was over. :)

Next, the interviewer explained to me about how the company operates.
And how all the staffs cooperate.
She told me to speak English in the office.
First, it can improve my English, communicate more well with others.
Second, to eliminate unnecessary disputes between the staffs.
She's right.
Some of the staffs are different races.
English is the best language to communicate with others.

The interview section ended with the last question.
When I can start?
Well, it seems like she accepted me to join the company.
A great news to me.
Yes, I got the job! :)

How's your interview experience?
Is it more interesting or more challenging?
Mine interview is quite good I think.
But it's still not very challenging since I heard some interviewers from other companies may ask the candidates to do some tasks to prove that they have the strength to complete.
Or even ask more difficult questions.

Anyway, I got the job and I swear I will do it perfectly.
Thanks my mummy for the support.
Thanks the interviewer for giving me the opportunity.
I think I found a great place to train and my boss is the good one. :)

Happy Mother's Day! :)

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