Tuesday, May 21, 2013

China Trip - Zhu Hai

I read my previous blog post.
Realized that something has change.
My readers, most of them are gone. Are they?
Anyway, I'm still here. I just can't leave it my blog alone. :)
Thanks for those dear readers who are still at here supporting me. I appreciate it.

Today I'm going to share my China trip last year December.
This post delayed for around half years. But I still want to record it down here. :)
It's quite meaningful to me.

Let's start the topic. :)

Before we go to Zhu Hai, we are actually at Hong Kong.
Here is one of the famous place of Hong Kong, Habour City.
We use speedboat as transport.

Luggage for six person.

Inside the boat.

Blackcurrant Candy with collagen from SASA.
Nice taste. Love it. :)

Around 2 hours, if no mistake, we arrive Zhu Hai (Jiu Zhou).
The port.
Let the photos tell you the story. :)

The outside view of our hotel.
Zhu Hai Dehan Hotel.

Our bedroom is the fourth one in the list above.
Let's have a look at our room! :)

The great view from our room.

While on the street.
Zhu Hai is a peaceful place.
If you wish to find a place just for relax purpose, just come Zhu Hai.

Welcome to the beach!

At night, we found this on the street.
Seriously, Hong Kong's Chau Tau Fu is better!

I lost some of the photos.
So, I just briefly describe Zhu Hai's Chau Tau Fu.
Actually the taste is not that bad, just maybe some people can't accept the color of it.
(Zhu Hai's Chau Tau Fu is black in color.)

Back to the beach.
The park beside the beach.

Saw some ladies dancing here.

Met this little cute doggie. :)

Inside the hotel, at the lobby.
The man is playing piano.

Continue to the next morning.
We are just stay at here for one night only.
Enjoy the breakfast first and we will go to Shen Zhen after this.

After the breakfast, we back to the port.
When I reached here, I just knew here is not just a port but also an airport? :D

We bought the tickets to Shen Zhen. By speedboat too.
Goodbye Zhu Hai. See you next time. :)

China Trip - Shen Zhen post would be continue in next post. :)

Stay tuned.

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