Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hong Kong Trip

It's had been a very long time I didn't come back here to update my blog.
Last year September until now, around 7 months.
Lovely readers, do you still remember me? :)

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Now, I'm going to share about my Hong Kong trip on last year December.
Even though it's past, but I still want to share with all of you.
A great and fantastic memory. :)

Well, just let the photos to tell you all about the story.

Hong Kong's Starbucks. :)
Enjoy my cup of Hot Hazelnut Chocolate in car when on the way to my hotel.

We lived at Tsim Sha Tsui.
It's actually very near with those popular places such as The Avenue Star, The One and etc.
We were on the street that night.
Kept walking around, looking around and cam-whoring. 

I love this hotel! The Peninsula Hotel.
5 Stars hotel with all the branded cars outside. We were like WOW.
Can you imagine that? Rolls-Royce, Porsche, Ferrari, Benz, Hummer.....
One night in this hotel is around RM3000 for just a standard room.

Great view in Hong Kong. 
It's a very beautiful city

And the next following days.

No, I don't want to wake up!
Well, once again, photos tell you the story. :)

Some photos lost.
Regretting why I want to move it from my phone.
Those photos lost when the moving process is going on. 
Luckily I still have some in hubby's Nikon.

Lastly, I'm not sure I will have the time to blog about my life. 
But I 'll try.
Thank you readers if you still supporting me by reading my blog.
I appreciate it.
Love ya. 


  1. wow iris, i saw throu ur photo, you look slim liao! :D

  2. Hi Koey babe .. :D No lah.. Im still very fat one. Lol. Chubby chubby.. :D

  3. Iris ! Miss you yaa=3=
    Long time din chat with youuu:(
    Hong Kong looks so beautiful with the view and food look delicious, awww:3
    The trip sure nicee:)

  4. Hi Babe! :D Yea, long time no chat with you. :)
    The trip was fantastic! Hong Kong is just too beautiful. I love Hong Kong. :D

  5. You look so buzy and less update your blog><
    Arhh, I hope I can go Hong Kong ! :P
    But I dont have money:/

  6. Yes babe, I'm quite busy. But I'll try to update more. :)
    Lol, you will go Hong Kong one day. :)