Wednesday, April 24, 2013

COLORPIA Contact Lens

Second post for today.
I'm going to blog about my cosmetic contact lens now.
As you all knew that, I had been wore contact lens for a quite long time.
Around 8 years. I started to wear it when I'm Junior 1.
Quite a long time right? :)
Ask me anything if you are interested in wearing contact lens.
I have too much experiences on this. Lol.

Let's start our topic today.

COLORPIA is original made in Korea.
The manufacturer of COLORPIA contact lens is DREAMCON.
A trustworthy manufacturer.

There are 3 series in COLORPIA.
The one that I'm wearing now is The Leaf Series.
Refer to the pictures below.

Video is provided for you all.
This is the video from DREAMCON's factory.
It's the process of producing the contact lens.
Through this video, you can ensure that COLORPIA is a 100% safe product.

These are the other 2 series of COLORPIA as your reference. :)

Here are some photos taken by me.

Can you see the date that I wrote on the box?
Actually this is the way to remind me when I should change my contact lens.
Expired date is written so that I can change my lens before the due.
This is a good way for you to remind your self. Recommend it. :)
COLORPIA contact lens can only wear for 3 months.

The Leaf Grey. Do you like it? :)

Well, now you may ask me where I bought it.
I bought it at normal optical shop. It's not from the Internet.
That's the reason why it is 100% safe for you.
If no mistake, COLORPIA can be purchase at any optical shop.
Try on it! You will love it.
Go grab one for yourself now at any optical shop nearest to you.

Last, a picture of me. Wearing The Leaf Grey.  

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