Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hellooo ! I'm back. 
Actually I'm having my semester final exam this week.
Just spend a little bit time on blog. It's my responsibility as a blogger. :)

Last week, spent my time with my relatives at Parkson.
Went to my favorite place before we back home.


Starbucks is full of people.
Everyone is using their RHB Visa Card to purchase the coffee.
Buy one you will get one more for free! ♥

We bought two, so we got two more for FREE! ♥ :D
I'm a Starbucks lover. ♥

Weekend, MCD as brunch. :)

MCD is full of people too.
Everyone is crazy about the contour glass by Coca Cola.
It's FREE once you purchase a set meal with 18 different kind of choices + sundae or mc flurry.

Grab and collect all 6 if you like! :) ♥

After this, I'm going to start my diet plan once more. 
I gain 1-2kg in this two months.
Alright, I'm really regret that I stop the plan. Sigh!

To be continued... ♥

Thursday, July 5, 2012

♥Happy Birthday♥

Happy Birthday ! Received a greeting card from THE FACE SHOP.
I can get a 30% discount and a mystery gift. :)

Once more, Happy Birthday to myself.
Just a simple celebration for my 20 years old birthday.
It's okay. I'm still enjoy it. ♥

Friday, it's my birthday but still need to go study and work.
After school. going to Dessert Master with Rumiko. :)

I like the Momo Chacha ♥
So sweet :)

After work, it's dinner time.
Mummy came to fetch me and brought me to Ajisen Ramen. ♥

I'm TWENTY! (*shout) ♥

To be continued... ♥