Thursday, June 28, 2012

♥K.L Part II - Food !♥

Hi! I'm back.Since my KL trip was few weeks ago. So I think I'm not going to talk about it very clearly now.
Just a brief of it. But somehow, I'm still will blog about the food in KL! :D
Live for Food! ♥

Still remember the first day reached KL after Genting.
Went to the first destination, Pavilion.
We all are crazy about this.
Snowflake! ♥

Well, now I know why all the girls love to eat this. :D
Extremely nice! ♥

After dessert time, started our shopping in Pavilion.

And, dinner time again.
Children wanted to have their dinner at Pizza Hut.

Next day destination - Mid Valley

Having breakfast at foodcourt.

I Love Yoo!

Pulau Ketam Yong Tau Foo

The food are extremely nice! ♥

Those ice-creams look so fantastic.
But I didn't try it since I'm full with the Yong Tau Foo noodles.
A little bit regret I didn't try on it. :(

Lunch time.
Dubu Dubu Seoul Food.

Spicy until sweating.
Nice taste but childrens can't accept it.

Going to next destination - KLCC

Saw this!
Moo Cow ♥

Love this yogurt ice-cream! ♥
I'm hoping one day it will come to Miri. :D
Anyone want to be a franchise of Moo Cow? ♥

One more day in KL.
Last destination - Sunway Pyramid

Is going to have KFC as breakfast.
Children like it. :)

Matcha Green Tea Ice-cream ♥
Must try! :D

Always buy this crispy popiah when I come to KL.
Taste good. :) ♥

Is gaining fat in this KL trip. :D
But I'm happy enough.
Since hubby is beside me and my family too. ♥

To be continued... :) ♥

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