Thursday, June 28, 2012

♥K.L Part II - Food !♥

Hi! I'm back.Since my KL trip was few weeks ago. So I think I'm not going to talk about it very clearly now.
Just a brief of it. But somehow, I'm still will blog about the food in KL! :D
Live for Food! ♥

Still remember the first day reached KL after Genting.
Went to the first destination, Pavilion.
We all are crazy about this.
Snowflake! ♥

Well, now I know why all the girls love to eat this. :D
Extremely nice! ♥

After dessert time, started our shopping in Pavilion.

And, dinner time again.
Children wanted to have their dinner at Pizza Hut.

Next day destination - Mid Valley

Having breakfast at foodcourt.

I Love Yoo!

Pulau Ketam Yong Tau Foo

The food are extremely nice! ♥

Those ice-creams look so fantastic.
But I didn't try it since I'm full with the Yong Tau Foo noodles.
A little bit regret I didn't try on it. :(

Lunch time.
Dubu Dubu Seoul Food.

Spicy until sweating.
Nice taste but childrens can't accept it.

Going to next destination - KLCC

Saw this!
Moo Cow ♥

Love this yogurt ice-cream! ♥
I'm hoping one day it will come to Miri. :D
Anyone want to be a franchise of Moo Cow? ♥

One more day in KL.
Last destination - Sunway Pyramid

Is going to have KFC as breakfast.
Children like it. :)

Matcha Green Tea Ice-cream ♥
Must try! :D

Always buy this crispy popiah when I come to KL.
Taste good. :) ♥

Is gaining fat in this KL trip. :D
But I'm happy enough.
Since hubby is beside me and my family too. ♥

To be continued... :) ♥

Saturday, June 16, 2012

♥K.L Part I♥


Is going to KL and Genting Highlands for 6 days 5 nights.
At the airport.
Departure : 14.50      Arrival : 17.30

Lunch at Marrybrown with Mummy.

Airport is full of people.

Everyone is going for their vacation.

In the plane.

And, bye Miri. ♥

After 2 hours and 40 minutes.
Meet my aunt, her daughters, and also my hubby.
Hubby bought me a hot chocolate from Starbucks.
He knew I love Starbucks. ♥

Waited for the driver about 20 minutes.
Traffic jam from 5pm to 8pm.
Slept and rest in the car.
Felt tired but excited.

Around 20.45pm, reached Genting Highlands.
Checked-In Counter.

My aunt and her sweetie pie. ♥

In hotel room.

Rest for a while and go for our dinner.

Restoran Hainan Kitchen. ♥

After dinner go for shopping.
Saw this man with gold painted.

Interesting but somehow he scared the childrens. :D

Padini Authentics.
Bought a floral slippers for RM29.70. ♥

Hubby brought me outside of the buiding.
Damn cool since I just wore a t-shirt and short pants.
The wind is so strong!

Back to hotel.

Mummy was attracted by the Casino de Genting.
Just a little bit worried my Mummy since she went to the casino alone.
She went back to the hotel room around 2.45am. Kinda crazy about that.


Second day in Genting.
I'm damn tired since I slept at 3am last night and I woke up at 6.45am in the morning.
OMG! I have not enough sleep!

Outfit of the day.

Warm sunlight. ♥

Is going to the First World Cafe for our breakfast.

After breakfast, go to the theme park centre and bought the playground ticket.
4persons for RM200. 2 adults and 2 childrens.

Our job was just brought the two little sweeite pies to the playground.
A very difficult job for us since we needed to find the way to satisfy these two children.
Children always want to play and play and play and play more.

After the games, we went to the food court for lunch.
Claypot Chicken Noodle as my lunch.

Taste nice. :) ♥

Back to hotel for a rest.
The two little sweetie pies are going to the swimming pool at 4.00pm.

Hubby and me went to the outdoor playground.

Tried the Kaya Ball.
Quite nice. :)

Went to the chocolate factory.

Bought a cup of sweet corn again.
Hubby likes to eat this. :D

Outdoor playground is full of people.
So we decided to go back and just go for a shopping.
Hubby bought a slippers at Padini Authentics too.

Dinner time.
Restoran Ah Yat Abalone Forum.

After dinner, back to the hotel room and rest.

Went to bed around 12midnight.
Good night. :)

To be continued... ♥