Monday, May 7, 2012

♥Time flies♥

It's time to update my bloggie again. ♥
Since it's my holiday now and I wanna keep my bloggie alive! :)
Even though I have no much thing to share.
Such a boring holiday. Sigh. :(

My hair is getting longer and longer. My fringe too.
Is thinking whether need a hair cut and make my fringe short as before.
Or just let it be like that?
Hmm... A very hard decision to make. :(
Give me more time to think about it.

Alright, back to my topic.
Was going to Shukie Restaurant with my bestie, Rumiko for lunch on last Thursday.
Shukie Restaurant is a Malay Restaurant but the owner is Chinese.
I had introduced this restaurant before if you still remember. :)
Photos tell story. ♥

That was the first time Rumiko went there.
And she seems like okay with the it. :)
Our drinks.

Iced Lemon, RM2.90. Iced Milo Dinosaur, RM4.50.

Food! :D

Fried Mee hoon with sweet leaf, which in Mandarin it is known as MaNi Cai, RM4.90.

Beans curd, RM1.50.

Fried Kueh Tiaw with beansprout and egg, RM4.90.

French Fries, RM5.00.

Total : RM23.70 (No Government Tax and Service Tax will be charged.) ♥
Rating : ★★★★☆

The next day, we decided to go Old Town White Coffee for lunch.
Even though the time is just around 10.10am only.
So, the waitress is giving us a special breakfast menu.
Again, photos tell story. :)

Rumiko wish to have this.
Since she is a vegetarian and there's nothing she can eat at there except the toast.
This breakfast set is the most worth if compare to other set. :D
It's only RM6.50.

And, Rumiko is choosing this as her drink.
Cold Old Town Enriched Chocolate. ♥

My turn.
I decided to choose this set.
Meehoon Siam Classic + Drink, only RM6.50.

Coffee always the best for me. :D ♥

Our drinks.

Food! ♥

Oh my, this meehoon is very spicy! >_<
I think I choose the wrong set.
But, the taste is still okay.

Total : RM15.10 (Included 10% Government Tax and 6% Service tax)
Rating : ★★★☆☆

Oh right, seriously I'm gaining my calories and weight.
Why I can't control myself! OMG! >_<
Is regretting now. I'm sorry to myself.

Yesterday, lovely Sunday with my family but was quite boring.
Since I'm alone at home after the breakfast.
And waited for the time passed until 5.30pm, I went to the airport.

At airport, tried on this! ♥

Around 8.45pm, finally, the plane landed.
On my Mummy! I miss you! :D ♥
Reached home around 9.10pm.
Took a bath then slept. Good night! :) ♥
A day passed.

Monday blue.

Is going to work after this.
That's the reason why Monday is blue! :(
I miss my bed.

Gonna end this post.
Wait for my next post, will be update soon. ♥
Everybody enjoy your Blue Monday! :D Buay! 


  1. 在old town也可以拍那么多、厉害~~哈哈

  2. 噢噢..脸书开回了?