Saturday, May 5, 2012


Found an old photo. :)

Second post for today. Feel wanna blogging a lot.
But nothing more to share.
Feel alone and silence.
Hoping he is beside me right now. But the reality is, he's not here. T_T
I miss him! ♥

Is planning a schedule for tomorrow.
Hang out with bestie? Shopping alone? Stay at home?
I'm out of idea.

Holiday started.
But it doesn't mean I can relax and play or whatever.
I still have to work and work and work.
It's really awful. :( I need rest! Need more and more and more rest.

After holiday, new semester start. Time pass more faster than before.
I knew there's someone gonna missing in our class.
A bad news for us since our class is just like a big family and a brother is going to leave.
Hope he is fine with his new family members next semester.
Bye, bro...Take care. :)

Lastly, follow my instagram if you wish to. :)
My daily life is recorded through instagram.
Thanks for your follow and your like is appreciated. ♥

Gonna sleep soon.
Good night everyone, good night world. ♥

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