Saturday, May 5, 2012

♥Fratini's Restaurant♥

Hello to my lovely readers!
Finally the final exam week is end and the semester is end too.
Cheers! :D
But, it's also the time to afraid about my results.
Since I knew my first exam paper result is only B-, and I was like want to shout out OMG!
Oh well, God bless me. Please don't let my GPA drop.

Saturday, Happy Wesak Day to everyone!
It' s a public holiday and I am going to eat a lot of things.
Calories are increasing! Oh my!

Come to Fratini's Restaurant, an Italian cuisine. ♥
Photos tell story. :) 

I wonder why this Iced Lemon Tea tastes so good! I love it! ♥
Cost RM6.50

Vegetable Italian Soup. ♥ Fresh vegetables! Broccoli is my favorite! ♥
Cost RM9.50 (included the garlic bread, and it's nice too!)

Linguine Seafood Pasta. ♥ This is my second time try this fabulous pasta.
But, I can't finish it. >_< Too full after the soup.
Cost RM27.00

Enjoying a very great lunch at there. ♥

Total RM47.30 included 10% government tax. :)

End. :)

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