Tuesday, May 29, 2012

♥Food Life♥

Finally, get back for blogging.
After the holidays, school life begins again.
It's a new semester, I always hope it will be very fine. :)

I received the results for my last semester's final exam.
The results quite good, doesn't really disappointed me.

Seriously, I have nothing to blog.
I'm just come here to upload some recent photos.
Once again, my daily life is recorded through Instagram.
So don't hesitate to follow me. :)
User ID : loveiriss

Sometimes, busy with my tutorials.
Tutorials always affect our assignment or our final results.
I need to try my best to complete it.

Few days ago, having lunch with Rumiko at Double Star.
Photos tell the story. :)

Great lunch with her. :)
But, somehow the price of the food is quite expensive.
Can you imagine a plate of fried rice with a medium size can cost RM8.00?
And the egg and cheese sandwich cost RM6.00?
Maybe they should rearrange the price for some of the food? I hope so. :)

Time flies.

Thanks to my dear Connie for the nails art. :)
Love this nude color. Same with my ribbon ear cap plug.

Sunday, woke up early and going out for breakfast.
Primary and secondary school's holidays start.
A little bit envy about that. Well, our college still in study mode.

Breakfast at Shanghai Cafe.

Go for shopping after the breakfast.

Lunch, at 3:26pm, Singapore Chicken Rice.

Sunday end.

I think I'm gaining a lot of cholesterol this few days.
Sushi King as lunch on Monday! :D

Food and food and food. :D
I'm trying hard to control myself not to eat that a lot.
Well, during my vacation, I think I should ask someone to help me finish all the food. :D

Kinda long post. My life is all about food. :D
Will be continued after my vacation.
See ya! ♥

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  1. 嘿哟~还记得我么?我又来看妳喽! :)