Thursday, November 10, 2011

♥Genting Highland Day 2♥

Alright, here I come back and continue my Day 2. :)
No more words, start with a lot of photos.
Enjoy. :)

Genting Highland's Old Town White Coffee. :)

The Outdoor Playground.
You may ask did I go there and play?
My answer is, N + O = NO. :)
Because, there's no one accompany me to go there and play those extremely exciting entertainment facilities.
They can't accept that kind of stimulus.
Oh well, never mind, I told myself.
One day, I will come back! :D

Do you see the house upstairs?
It is the haunted house.
Of cause, I won't go in. :D
I'm scare!

Actually is not the ghost or stuff.
It's just the wolfman. :)
Maybe it is very scary too.

After tooking those photos, my camera's battery dead. :D
So, I decided to go back to my hotel room and charged it.
My family planned to go Casino again.
Let's go! :D
But I didn't go. :)
Rest in the hotel room is the best choice for me. :)
About 6pm, they all came back.
They rest for a while then we went to have our dinner again. :)
At where?
Genting Resort Hotel, the new 5 Stars hotel in Genting.
Buffet, we are coming! :)


Oh well, there are more photos below.
Enjoy & enjoy. :)

Some photos of the Chinese food's chef. :)
Non explain. Just see the photos. :)

We done our dinner about 9.30pm.
And we are so FULL!
My family decided to go casino again.
Oh yea, AGAIN!
What about me?
Of cause back to the hotel room and rest.
They planned to stay in the casino until midnight.

Lying on the bed and think about the next day.
Hope the next day will be a nice day.

Good night world! :)

Next post.
Hmm. I have no idea first.
Because, I keep update about my trip.
And I think to stop update about it.
What you guys opinion?
Let me know in the chatbox.

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Thank you very much. :)

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