Friday, November 4, 2011

♥Genting Highland Day 1♥

Say hi again to my bloggie and my lovely readers again. :)
Forgive me if you guys are waiting for my new post.

Well, I should not waste my time again. :D
Let start my story. :)

09.10.2011 -- ♥

After the wedding night, we all have a good sleep.
Finally, we can say goodbye to tiredness. :)

9.30am in the morning.
We are waiting for our driver. :)
Where we want to go?
It is already shown at the title above.

Oh yeah!
Genting Highlands We Are Coming! :D ♥

After 1hour if no mistaken, we arrive here.

When I arrived there, I thought this is the hotel we gonna live in.
Genting Resort Hotel.
But in the end, it's not. >__<
Never mind, we move on to First World Hotel.
Oh yea, this will be the hotel we gonna live about 3 days. :)

It's Sunday.
Of course, 'People Mountain People Sea'! :D

We are waiting for check in.
I thought we will check in soon.
Who knows, we all waiting for about 4-5 hours.
Oh my goodness! >__<

I'm so boring when I'm waiting for check in. >__<
So, I walked to the front door of the hotel and I saw two clowns there.
They are performing some technics.
Nice performance! Clap your hand! :D

Wait till 12.30 in the noon, and we are hungry! >__<
So, we decided to go Restoran Hainan Kitchen to have our lunch. :)

This is my lunch today. :)
'Mun Mee'.
Err. It is not really nice but okay lah. :D
Price : RM13.50++


The famous food here.
Hainan Chicken Rice. :)
My family all choosing this dish as their lunch.
Is more delicious than mine. :D

After lunch, we go to the lobby and wait for check in again.
And, we wait about 2 more hours again.
Everyone felt sleepy already. >__<

2 hours then...

Finally, checked in. :)
Up to our room and 'BOOF'!
Lying on the bed already. :D

We are tired. >__<

Rest for 3 hours, it is 6.00pm.
We go to Genting Resort Hotel and ready to have our dinner here. :)
Buffet in the Genting Resort Hotel.
RM40++. (The common one) :D

I shared my food with my Mummy. :)
And I took some photos of the environment and food too.
Enjoy. :D

After finish our dinner, we go to First World-Starworld.
Which called Casino de Genting too.
Oh yes, is Casino.
We are planning to go Casino after our dinner. :)

Actually, I'm 19 years old this year.
As the rules that are set at there, I'm not allow to go in.
But, my family still wanted to bring me in.
And of course, I did went into the Casino.
The first sight in the Casino...
Sorry, I don't have any photo can show to you guys.

Inside the Casino...
It's really beautiful.
Full of betting machine and a lot of people.
When you go inside and take a look.
You will know the reason why those Aunty and Uncle like to come here for betting.

Strong smoke smell inside.
Advise to girls, don't go inside for too long time.
Bad to our health. >__<

Stayed there for about 4 hours.
I'm fainted. >__<
Rushed back to the hotel and took a bath.
And, lying on the bed.

Good night world. :)

The first day in Genting Highlands end.
Just wait for my 2nd Day post.
I'll try my best to update soon.

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Thanks! :)

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