Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hello to my bloggie. :)
Done my assignment and is having my rest time.
That's why I coming up here.

Left one more assignment.
Will try my best to complete it after I come back from my trip. :)

Countdown for leaving Miri -- 2days more 

Got my new lens yesterday.
Sakira Black. ♥

Gonna wear it during my trip.

Bought an eyeliner too.
Maybeline Hyper Sharp Eyeliner. ♥

Diameter is 0.05mm.
Love it very much. :)

Haven try it.
Just wait for my new make up photos. :)

My laptop is not going with me to KL.
So, that's mean I'm gonna leave here for one week. :)
I'm not expect you guys will visit my blog everyday.
But I hope so. :)

Feel depressed. :(
Under unknown situation.
Who can make me happy a little bit? 

I never use this software before, no matter you believe or not. :)

End. :)


  1. i keep finding the eyeliner, but don know why sibu is keep on out of stock~~ how much u get i t??

  2. Maybe you can buy it in Miri.
    Guardian or Watsons or Bourlevard. :)
    Original price is RM23.90.
    But I had 10% discount, so is RM21.50.