Monday, October 31, 2011

♥Cousin's Wedding Part III♥

After 3 days, I'm back and I miss my bloggie. 
Sorry to my readers, if you are waiting for my new post. :)

Finally, I can update my Part III.
And, my chatbox messages replied! :D

Okay, let's start my Part III.
But I'll just briefly update.
Photos will be more than words. :)

08.10.2011 6.30pm. 

Tonight, we are going to Oriental Maju Palace Restaurant.
Where is Oriental Maju Palace Restaurant?
Roll down and take a look then. :)

Who is this? :D
My Second Aunt. 
She is so beautiful tonight.

They are bridegroom's brother and his brother's girlfriend. :)

A group's photo before going in. :)
Opps. I'm not there. :D


End with some bridegroom and bride's wedding photos.
They are CUTE! :D 

Part III end. :)

There are still more photos want to share.
But, I can't update it very soon.
Is still busying.
Until when?
I don't know. :)
I'll try to update it as soon as possible.
Wait for me. ♥

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Thank you very much. 

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