Friday, October 21, 2011

♥Cousin's Wedding Part I♥

I'm going to start my story now. :)
But I decided to devide it into 3 parts.
Too many photos to share with all of you.

Let's start my story. :)

Day 1 -- Cousin's Wedding

Part 1 start. :)


Congratulations to my cousin and his girlfriend, Darren & Mei Sin.
They are going to marry soon.

Wake up at 5.30am in the morning.
We all had a sleepless night before the wedding day.
What a big, round and black dark eye circle.
Ignore it better. :D

Wanna see my outfit that day?
Actually you guys can see it in the previous post.
Which I took the photo of master room's toilet. :)

Oh yea. Short T with Red and White Line Dress.
With a branded bag which given by my aunt.
Paris Hermes.
If no mistaken, this bag cost around RM700++.
Thanks aunt. :)

We are waiting for the driver to send us to the bridegroom's house.

After 20 minutes, we arrived. :)

Inside the bride's room. :)

All the things are prepared according to the tradition of the relatives by marriage.

This beautiful fruit basket will be the gift from the side of bridegroom to the bride's family.

And of cause she will holding it.
Who is she?
My aunt, the matchmaker. :)

Darren's mummy, my aunt. :)
Help him to put on the blazer.
And this will be the last time a mummy help her son to wear the cloth or blazer.
Means, Darren become an adult.
Today onward, he is going to start his own life without his mummy's help. :)

Mummy, I Love You.
Muacksss. :)

Opps, who is this? :D
My mummy is helping Darren to wear his cute ribbon tie properly. :)

He is busying pick up all the calls.

Who are they ?
They are my aunts and my grandma. :)
(My father's sisters)
Oh yea, I have a big family.

Before going to bring the bride back. :)
They are ready.
And we are ready ! :D

7 Strong Men. :D
Who are they?
They are Darren's brothers ! Rawr ! :D
They are ready to accept the challenges.
Pink Bro ! Go !

Part 2 will be continued. :)

You might ask where is me?
I'm one of the photographer that day.
That's why you guys can't find me in any other photos.

You guys should notice that some of  my photos are different.
That's because I used 2 different cameras. :)

Alright, it's time to leave my laptop and let it rest. :)

Excited to see Part 2?

Be patient and wait for me.
Click on my Nuffnang ads, I'll update soon. :)

To be Continued...


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