Monday, October 31, 2011

♥Cousin's Wedding Part III♥

After 3 days, I'm back and I miss my bloggie. 
Sorry to my readers, if you are waiting for my new post. :)

Finally, I can update my Part III.
And, my chatbox messages replied! :D

Okay, let's start my Part III.
But I'll just briefly update.
Photos will be more than words. :)

08.10.2011 6.30pm. 

Tonight, we are going to Oriental Maju Palace Restaurant.
Where is Oriental Maju Palace Restaurant?
Roll down and take a look then. :)

Who is this? :D
My Second Aunt. 
She is so beautiful tonight.

They are bridegroom's brother and his brother's girlfriend. :)

A group's photo before going in. :)
Opps. I'm not there. :D


End with some bridegroom and bride's wedding photos.
They are CUTE! :D 

Part III end. :)

There are still more photos want to share.
But, I can't update it very soon.
Is still busying.
Until when?
I don't know. :)
I'll try to update it as soon as possible.
Wait for me. ♥

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Say hi to my lovely bloggie and my readers. 

First, I want to say this post will be a very short post.
Just want to talk about my recently. :)

After came back from KL, as you guys know I'm sick.
And yet, it was very serious. :(
I hate cough.
But I'll get well soon, I hope so. :)

I'm very busy this week.
So, I'm not be able to update my bloggie.
Hope you guys don't mind.
My Part III will postpone until I'm get free.
The photos still not yet been arrange.
Sorry for my readers. :(

Please be patient and wait for me. :)
Chatbox will late reply too.

I promise I'll came back when I'm free.

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Thank you very much! :)

To Be Continued...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

♥Cousin's Wedding Part II♥

Hello, I'm back again. :)
Excited to know what's going on next?
Oh yea, I'm going to continue my story today.
Let's go and see. :D

Roll downnnnn.

Part II start. :) 

Bride's car. :)
Nice? Of cause nice. :D
I like it.

After 45 minutes, we arrived bride's house.

Matchmaker is ready to come out from the car.
But the bridegroom is still sit inside the car.
He is waiting someone to open the car's door for him.
And, of cause, who did help him, he/she will get an angpau. :D

Oh yea, this little boy did it. :D
And, he get an angpau.

Okay, let's take the challenge now. :D

Hmm. Jacob Crackers?
Yes, this girl is holding a plate with 5 pieces of Jacob crackers.
What challenge is this?
Oh well, the first challenge for the bridegroom and his brothers:
Use those Jacob Crackers to make I YOU shape.
Easy? Maybe. :D

They start biting.
And finally, of cause they can make it! :D

Beautiful love shape.
Good job, Pink Bro! :D

Next, inside the house.
They are ready to accept the second challenge.

Second challenge for the bridegroom and his brothers:
Use your body to make the shape of I YOU.

This is really funny! :D
Notice the guy who is going to be an 'O'.

First round, he decided to put his both hands far apart from his body and his legs become an 'O' shape too.

But the sisters don't want to accept.
So, he decided to squat down.
He said, his body will become an 'O' when he squat down.
Okay, he is humor. :D

Luckily, the sisters accepted. :)

Last, third challenge.

As you see, this is an agreement for the bridegroom. :D

Bridegroom is reading the agreement. :D
You can see the happiness on his face.

Signature, name, IC Numbers and Date.
The agreement is signed! :D
Click to enlarge if you want to see the content. :)

Finally, bridegroom can go inside the room. :D

After rings exchange, they are going down to the living room. :)

Our bridegroom Darren and bride Mei Sin. :)

They are going to bow to the elders according to our Chinese tradition.
This part of photos are private.
Sorry if I can't share with you guys. :)

Alright, bridegroom and bride are ready back to the bridegroom's home. :)

See his happiness. :D
Darren, the bridegroom of the day.

The prettiest lady of the day, the bride, Mei Sin.

45minutes later, Bridegroom's house. :)

They are going to bow to the elders too.
We are preparing the tea. :D
And, some of the photos are private too.
Hope you guys don't mind. :)
No more words to write, just see the photos. :)


Part II end with my photo below. :D

No make up.
Just simple face, natural is the best. :D
Why I get an Angpau?
Hmm, maybe I'll tell you in the next post.
Teehee. :D

Okay, it's time to end this post. :)
Wanna see my Part III?
Just wait for my post then. :D

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End. :)