Monday, September 26, 2011

♥Monday -- 26.09♥

Hi everyone, I'm back. :)

New edited photo. :D
I love this color. Teehee. 

3 more days to go.
October is coming soon. :)
What did I done in this month ?
Shopping, eating, studying, sleeping...
Almost same. :D
Oh yeah, that's my life now.

Monday, begin with Accounting class.
I do love this subject but I don't really like our lecturer.
The only male lecturer who teach us in this semester.
And, he is Indian.
Luckily, I understand what he is talking about.

Next, we had received our English For Business Assignment.
2 or 3 persons in a group.
Of cause, I'm go with Rumiko Babe and another girl. :)
I'll done it by today. 

Extra :
I heard a bad news from Rumiko Babe last Saturday.
The egg we love and care was broken accidently.

Apologize to pigeon mummy.
Sorry for the careless we had made.

Apologize to the little egg.
Sorry for the mistake we had made.


It's time to end this post. :)
Gonna rush for the assignment.
Before leave, can help me to click all these links ?

LINK 1 : 

LINK 2 : 

LINK 3 : 

LINK 4 : 

LINK 5 : 

LINK 6 : NUFFNANG at the right hand side. 

Thanks to all of you. :) 

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