Tuesday, June 21, 2011

♥SHORT post♥

Just a little short post.
I'm here to congratulate my cousin and his wife for their new born baby. 
The name for this little boy haven decide.
His father said he still have 2 more weeks to decide the name. :D
Anyway, congratulations !!
I'm waiting my cousin bring him back and disturb me.

My finger is...
Aww..I don't know how to describe it.
Should be food poisoning.
My finger is itch and numbness.
It happened before, same situation.
At school. >__<
But luckily I'm at home now.
I forgot how it was recovered.
It will be fine soon I guess.

Do you guys want to see how it look like ? :D
I'm not that bad.
I don't want to scare you guys. :)

It's okay.
Just wish my finger can be fine soon. :) 

Here come my STARBUCKS FRAPPUCCINO again. 

Extra Coffee 

With White Cream 

Oh yeah, I really love it !! 
I bought this on last Sunday.
While my family shopping at the Parkson.
And I went to STARBUCKS alone. :)
Bought this sweet FRAPPUCCINO and sat at there for a moment.
Let the coffee and the environment change my unhappy mood.
Indeed, I felt good after that.

Countdown for his leaves - 3 days more. :)

Do me a favor ? :)
Just click the NUFFNANG ads before you leave.
Thanks to all of you, my BABES 

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