Monday, June 13, 2011

♥Before My Big Day♥

Hello babes , I'm back. :)
It's blogging time now. 
Do you guys miss me ? Yes ? No ?
Just tell me if you miss me ♥ :D

Here come a English post. 
Okay, I know my English not that good. I admit it.
But just don't laugh at me.
I'm learning. :)

Congratulations to Colin & Jessica 
My cousin and his wife.
Wedding ? No. They have a BABY soon !
Oh yeah, It's a great news for my aunt.
She will become a grandmother soon. :D
Congrats ! 

Next :)
I am EXTREMELY miss it.
What it is ?

It's my favourite, STARBUCKS FRAPPUCCINO. 
I'm gonna buy it tomorrow !! 
Wait for me !! 

Next next , my birthday is coming soon !! 
Who want to celebrate with me ? :D
My mum wants to buy a birthday gift to me.
I think I'll choose perfume.
Any suggestion ? :)

Or maybe I just share out some of the brands that I like.





Which one better ?
Any opinion ?
Just comment in my shoutbox or under this post. :)
Thank you. 

Triple Next :)
I have to go school tomorrow. >__<
For my assignments.
Must be done before Wednesday.
Hope the team members won't be late.
Then I'm gonna rush to the airport to pick up someone.
Oh yeah, is my Hubby ! He is coming back tomorrow ! 
Let's go dating !! :D

Lastly, just wish all my babes have a nice day :)

And and and..

Can you do me a favor ?


I really appreciate that. Teehee. :)

Thanks Babes 

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