Monday, June 20, 2011

♥Happy Birthday to Me♥

Sorry for waiting Babes ♥
Here I come and update my Birthday Post !! ♥
It will be a long post. :D

I want to say thank you to all my FACEBOOK friends.
500 people are spamming my wall.
Teehee. ♥
Seriously, I'm very happy with that. :D

Hohoho, Happy Birthday To Me !! ♥

Oh yeah, thanks to LiuXuan Babe !! ♥ 
LINK : 刘轩 ♥
She gave me a chance to become FACEBOOK Princess ♥
I treat it as my Birthday gift from FACEBOOK. :D
LINK : 面子书の甜心公主屋 ♥ & ♥愛麗絲公主♥
Mind to click a like for me ? :D

I had received some birthday gifts. :)
My first birthday gift is from my Grandma !!
It's an Angpau :D
Thanks Grandma, I love you ♥

Next, is my Daddy.
It's an Angpau too. :D
Thanks Daddy, I love you ♥

They want me to get myself a birthday gift.
By giving Angpau and ask me to go buy anything I like. ♥
But I think I will put the money to my little saving pig. :D

And next, are my friends.
Oh yea, someone was asking me to blog this after he gave me the gift. :D
How special the birthday gift is ?
He know I love it and he bought it to me.
Thanks Steve, you're good !! :D
And the another one,
Thanks Triple J for the Angpau and Birthday Card !!
You're good too !! :D

Next and next, is my Mummy.
Oops, she still wondering what she can buy for me.
She said she is not going to buy any perfume for me, because of my sensitive nose.
Alright, I know you pamper me my dear Mummy. ♥
So I just claimed an Angpau from my Mummy too. :)

Triple next is my Hubby.
He said he didn't prepare anything for me.
But I'm not disappoint.
Since he said his appearance is a very special gift for me. :D ♥

Oh Hui Sie, you know what ?
I miss you alot !! ♥

Teehee. ♥

Thanks Babe for these photos. ♥

Oh no !! I'm ugly. >__<
Anyway, I am happy. :D ♥


Menu  ♥


Our FOOD ♥
(Forgot the names.>__<)

No party No cake. Just simple and happy enough. :)
I love my Birthday. 
And I love my mum. Without her, I'm nothing.

Part I end.
Part II start. ♥

Is another day.
Is my birthday again !! :D
According to Chinese Calendar. ♥

No celebrate because of the lesson in the afternoon.
Means, I have to go school in the afternoon. :(

I woke up early in the morning.
I went to Hubby's house and we had our lunch together. :D

Lunch time. :)
Hubby said he wanted to eat some MIRI's FOOD.
He miss the food here. 

After that we went to Parkson.
But just for a while.
I went back home and changed my clothes.
After that, I rushed to school. >__<

Sorry for our teacher, MDM IVY.
We escaped your lesson.
Forgive us !! We are doing our ASSIGNMENT !! :)

Went back home at 5.15pm.
TRAFFIC JAM and reached home at 6pm. AWW... :(
That's all for my second day.

As I said, just simple and I am happy.
At least my family, my friends, my lover remember my birthday.
I am satisfy. :) ♥
No gift but Angpau :D
Feel good !! ♥

And lastly,
I want to say thank you once again to all of you. :)
Really, yeah, I'm appreciate that. ♥

Last last lastly, don't forget to click the NUFFNANG ADS !! ♥
I will treat all the clicks as my birthday gifts from you all. :D

Thank you !! ♥

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