Monday, June 27, 2011


Heelloooo Babes

I'm back. :) 


Miss me ? Yes or No ? :D

Let's start my post. It's about my Family Day. :)

Family Members : Me, Mummy & Grandma. 
(As some of you know, I'm the only child in my family. I AM A PRINCESS !! :D)

After breakfast, went to IMPERIAL MALL.
Mummy bought a new pair of spectacles.
BONIA Brand. 
Design is very noble.
Especially the rose on it. :D

Nice right ?
The price is about RM400++

Expensive or cheap ?
I think it is reasonable. 

Our tea time. :)
Roll down and take a look. 


Nice !! 

Next next,
Our dinner time. :D
Roll down and take a look. 


Contact Numbers : +6085- 414 414 (试一试 试一试) :D

Famous Chef from SINGAPORE :)

China Style Design :)
I love those chandeliers.
Looks like a big red umbrella. 

This place more suitable for the wedding banquet. :)

Every table has a fragrance candle. :)


Those food quite nice. :)

The receipt. :)
I like the dolls at the top of the receipt.
So Q. :D 

Family Day end. :) 

Extra :

Bought a nail polish. :)
Bloody Red. 
Ignore my fat toe. :D

But it seems too mature for me.
So, I'm gonna use another nail polish which is white color.
Dot some dots on it.

Just wait for my completed nail arts photo. :D

I haven start my job yet.
Since I'm not at home now. :)
Will start from tomorrow. 

I still need your guys help. :)

Thank you very very very muchhhiii !! :D

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Here I come update my BLOGGIE again. 
I wanna keep my blog active. :D
Since I'm very free now.
And my both assignment were completed last week. :D
Thanks to my team members. 

The lesson end in this week.
Which means, I'm going to have my holidays start from next week.
Until 11st of July, I have my Moral and Malaysian Studies test.
After both of the test, holidays begin again and end at 25th of July.
It's a lot of holidays huh.
Gonna arrange my holidays schedule. :D

It's Wednesday again.
Half of the week is over.
Countdown for his leaves - 2 days more. :(
I'm gonna miss you a lot and a lot my Hubby. 

Opps, I have nothing to post. 
But I still want to come up here and write something to share with all of you. 

I think it's time to end this post.
I'm going to watch a movie.
Not at cinema but home. :D

I didn't watch this movie last time.
Sorry,I know I'm outdated. :(
My cousin did asked me go and watch this movie.
But, I don't think I should follow her and her boyfriend. :)
So, never mind.

Okay, let's end this post.
Before you leave, click on the Nuffnang ads, okay ? :) 
Thank you very much !! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

♥SHORT post♥

Just a little short post.
I'm here to congratulate my cousin and his wife for their new born baby. 
The name for this little boy haven decide.
His father said he still have 2 more weeks to decide the name. :D
Anyway, congratulations !!
I'm waiting my cousin bring him back and disturb me.

My finger is...
Aww..I don't know how to describe it.
Should be food poisoning.
My finger is itch and numbness.
It happened before, same situation.
At school. >__<
But luckily I'm at home now.
I forgot how it was recovered.
It will be fine soon I guess.

Do you guys want to see how it look like ? :D
I'm not that bad.
I don't want to scare you guys. :)

It's okay.
Just wish my finger can be fine soon. :) 

Here come my STARBUCKS FRAPPUCCINO again. 

Extra Coffee 

With White Cream 

Oh yeah, I really love it !! 
I bought this on last Sunday.
While my family shopping at the Parkson.
And I went to STARBUCKS alone. :)
Bought this sweet FRAPPUCCINO and sat at there for a moment.
Let the coffee and the environment change my unhappy mood.
Indeed, I felt good after that.

Countdown for his leaves - 3 days more. :)

Do me a favor ? :)
Just click the NUFFNANG ads before you leave.
Thanks to all of you, my BABES 

Monday, June 20, 2011

♥Happy Birthday to Me♥

Sorry for waiting Babes ♥
Here I come and update my Birthday Post !! ♥
It will be a long post. :D

I want to say thank you to all my FACEBOOK friends.
500 people are spamming my wall.
Teehee. ♥
Seriously, I'm very happy with that. :D

Hohoho, Happy Birthday To Me !! ♥

Oh yeah, thanks to LiuXuan Babe !! ♥ 
LINK : 刘轩 ♥
She gave me a chance to become FACEBOOK Princess ♥
I treat it as my Birthday gift from FACEBOOK. :D
LINK : 面子书の甜心公主屋 ♥ & ♥愛麗絲公主♥
Mind to click a like for me ? :D

I had received some birthday gifts. :)
My first birthday gift is from my Grandma !!
It's an Angpau :D
Thanks Grandma, I love you ♥

Next, is my Daddy.
It's an Angpau too. :D
Thanks Daddy, I love you ♥

They want me to get myself a birthday gift.
By giving Angpau and ask me to go buy anything I like. ♥
But I think I will put the money to my little saving pig. :D

And next, are my friends.
Oh yea, someone was asking me to blog this after he gave me the gift. :D
How special the birthday gift is ?
He know I love it and he bought it to me.
Thanks Steve, you're good !! :D
And the another one,
Thanks Triple J for the Angpau and Birthday Card !!
You're good too !! :D

Next and next, is my Mummy.
Oops, she still wondering what she can buy for me.
She said she is not going to buy any perfume for me, because of my sensitive nose.
Alright, I know you pamper me my dear Mummy. ♥
So I just claimed an Angpau from my Mummy too. :)

Triple next is my Hubby.
He said he didn't prepare anything for me.
But I'm not disappoint.
Since he said his appearance is a very special gift for me. :D ♥

Oh Hui Sie, you know what ?
I miss you alot !! ♥

Teehee. ♥

Thanks Babe for these photos. ♥

Oh no !! I'm ugly. >__<
Anyway, I am happy. :D ♥


Menu  ♥


Our FOOD ♥
(Forgot the names.>__<)

No party No cake. Just simple and happy enough. :)
I love my Birthday. 
And I love my mum. Without her, I'm nothing.

Part I end.
Part II start. ♥

Is another day.
Is my birthday again !! :D
According to Chinese Calendar. ♥

No celebrate because of the lesson in the afternoon.
Means, I have to go school in the afternoon. :(

I woke up early in the morning.
I went to Hubby's house and we had our lunch together. :D

Lunch time. :)
Hubby said he wanted to eat some MIRI's FOOD.
He miss the food here. 

After that we went to Parkson.
But just for a while.
I went back home and changed my clothes.
After that, I rushed to school. >__<

Sorry for our teacher, MDM IVY.
We escaped your lesson.
Forgive us !! We are doing our ASSIGNMENT !! :)

Went back home at 5.15pm.
TRAFFIC JAM and reached home at 6pm. AWW... :(
That's all for my second day.

As I said, just simple and I am happy.
At least my family, my friends, my lover remember my birthday.
I am satisfy. :) ♥
No gift but Angpau :D
Feel good !! ♥

And lastly,
I want to say thank you once again to all of you. :)
Really, yeah, I'm appreciate that. ♥

Last last lastly, don't forget to click the NUFFNANG ADS !! ♥
I will treat all the clicks as my birthday gifts from you all. :D

Thank you !! ♥